Our Stroked 427 FE (454 cu. in.) - Serious Horsepower!


Our Stroked 427 FE (454 cu. in.) - Serious Horsepower! Call 704-233-9220
Our Stroked 427 FE (454 cu. in.) - Serious Horsepower! (Click)


Stroked 427 FE (454 cu. in.)

I was going to put my stroked Ford 427 Cross Bolted FE (454 cu. in.) into my Classic ‘66 Fairlane Nostalgia Drag car before I broke the Detroit Locker hitting second - flipped the car landing on the drivers side front fender and then rolled the car a couple times! So much for my beautiful ‘66 Fairlane! I was thinking about putting the Stroked 427 FE in the ‘68 Torino GT, but honestly, I hate to change it from a stock ‘S” code!

This Ford 427 FE has a Ford Cross bolted Engine block (4.23 bore plus .030 over) with a 428 Cobra Jet crank which = 454 cu. inches! Has a Hot Comp flat tappet Cam, Edelbrock 427 Heads and Special Edelbrock Intake Manifold! Special SFI Romac Degreed Balancer.

Precision Oil Pumps - Blueprinted Oil Pump including the following

(1) Melling Blueprinted Melling M-57AHV Ford FE High Volume 5/16" Pump.
(1) FE Ford Special 5/16" Billet HD Oil Pump Drive shaft for use with M-57AHV Pump.
(1) Canton 15-810 Oil Pan FE Ford 427 Front Sump Street T-Pan GOLD IRIDATED.
(1) Canton 15-811 Oil Pan FE Ford OIL PUMP Pickup.
(1) Canton Windage Tray for Ford FE 427.
(16) Special 3/8” FE push rods.

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