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ALI 2000 Dial Indicator Shaft Alignment System

ALI 2000® Shaft Alignment System
ALI 2000® Shaft Alignment System (click)
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In 1981 the German inventor of Laser Shaft Alignment, Prüftechnik AG, actually produced the predecessor to the Optalign IR laser system which was called the ALI 2000. Prüftechnik developed and used a dedicated shaft alignment computer with 1" dial indicators and brackets! If you know where one of these ALI 2000's are keep in mind that it is a good tool – so dust it off and put it to work! If you are a Millwright you might not be able to afford a laser but you can get jobs if you have one of these!

Keep in mind that this is not a laser and cannot be converted to a laser even though the ALI 2000 looks like the Optalign IR that followed it a few years later! Some of the Optalign IR graphics are actually from the ALI 2000 system as is the computer case design!

Important: computerized shaft alignment systems definitely make doing shaft alignment easier but they do not make shaft alignment easy. If you have an ALI 2000 and don't know what to do with it - try your luck selling it on eBay!

ALI 2000® - Look Familiar?
ALI 2000® - Look Familiar? (click)
ALI 2000® Brackets with Indicators
ALI 2000® Brackets with Indicators (click)



Legacy Laser Alignment Systems

Optalign® IROptalign® VRotalign® & ProsmartALIGN®Masterlign®Masterlign® Basic

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Optalign® IR

The First Laser Shaft Alignment System !

Optalign® - We rest our Case!

Just in case you are new to Laser Shaft Alignment, or have been living in a remote area (cave) since 1984 and have never heard of an Optalign®, here is your introduction. A little background first!

Prior to the introduction of the Optalign®, Prüftechnik AG of Ismaning Germany had been producing a very successful Dial Indicator system, the ALI 2000, but there was interest in industry for an easier method to perform shaft alignment.

The Optalign® IR (Invisible Beam) Laser Shaft Alignment system was invented by Prüftechnik AG to fill that need and is distributed in the US by Ludeca, Inc. First produced in 1984, the Optalign® IR was the world's first production Laser system designed solely for shaft alignment and the name Optalign® came to mean the same as "Professional Alignment".

Although the Optalign® IR was an extremely popular alignment tool, Prüftechnik AG introduced the Optalign® V in 1991, which as the name indicates, had a visible beam and an improved program. Later chain brackets, narrow brackets, magnetic brackets and other brackets were introduced all of which made doing alignment much easier.

Thousands of these Optalign's® were sold and many, if not most, are still in use today - a real testament to the durability and design excellence of Prüftechnik AG team. If you have one of these systems - be proud - as there is not a system produced that is more accurate nor more dependable than your Optalign®.


Optalign® IR - the Beginning! Complete Used Systems available. Call 704-233-9222

Question: How did the Laser get in Shaft Alignment?
Answer: The Optalign® IR - period!

If you are using a Laser shaft alignment system, any system, it is because of the legendary Optalign® IR extreme accuracy and popularity with thousands of mechanics worldwide. Through Ludeca, Inc. the US Distributor, Prüftechnik AG, the inventors of laser shaft alignment, introduced the Optalign® IR in 1984 and set the foundation standard for the Laser Shaft Alignment industry that has not been surpassed over 20 years later! With an accuracy of better than 2%, a resolution of 1 micron (.00004") and a fully linearized target – thousands are still in use today!

If your plant has an Optalign® IR or Optalign® V and you need training, parts or whatever - contact us. If you need training and are too far for us to provide training, we will put you in contact with a professional trainer in your part of the country (US).

If you need another used Optalign® IR, Optalign® V or want to upgrade to the new Optalign® Plus Series, smartALIGN®, pocketALIGN® or Rotalign® Ultra - please email us at upgrades@LaserAlignment.Net If your need is out of our territory we will put you in contact with the proper representative.


Optalign® IR Short Instructions
Optalign® IR Alignment Recording Form
Optalign® IR Soft Foot Recording Form
This is Norm Voelzow doing a two-step alignment using our Optalign IR on a long Jackshaft on a Cooling Tower years ago.
This is Norm Voelzow doing a two-step alignment using our Optalign IR on a long Jackshaft on a Cooling Tower years ago.


Optalign® V

This is the Optalign® People Demanded !

Optalign® V - More than a facelift! Complete Used Systems available. Call 704-233-9222

Question: What does the V in Optalign® V stands for?
Answer: The V in Optalign® V stands for "visible"!

Giving the Optalign® IR a "visible" beam was important but the Optalign® V was more than an Optalign® IR with a facelift! Few users realize the horsepower this beauty has! The latest model of the "V" came with 8 special function programs, F1 through F8 and could take readings in as little as 90 degrees - accurately! We called the ability and feature F6 but the idea and math came from Pedro "Pete" Casanova of Ludeca, Inc! F6 proved extremely useful when measuring a long span alignment — even when it was a severe misalignment!

The F7 program let you see the misalignment at both ends of a spacer shaft - such as a cooling tower drive. The F8 program let you quickly check you alignment against built in speed related tolerances. A Printer Port and PC Downloading option package, F90 - F95, allowed storage and printing (letter size) of up to 5 alignment results — including the machinery dimensions, thermal growth targets — at the coupling and/or feet, alignment corrections and alignment at the coupling. The “V” was more like an Optalign® IR on steroids and way ahead of its time! Other systems came along trying to imitate this super tool – which is still a very powerful workhorse today!


Pruftechnik Laser - In the USA - Need a Calibration Check? Call 305-468-1908
In the USA - Need a Calibration Check? (CLICK)
Optalign® V Short Instructions
Optalign® V Alignment Recording Form


Optalign® V & IR Serial Numbers - Important!

Question: Are the Serial Numbers Important?
Answer: Depending on the Laser System – they can be Very Important!

The older Optalign V (V stands for Visible Beam) and Optalign IR (IR is for Infrared and is an Invisible Beam) laser systems must have matched serial numbers on the Transducer (aka Laser) and the Computer. (The Prism serial number does not matter for this explanation.) The chip that holds the calibration algorithm for these older Optalign V and Optalign IR Transducers is in the Optalign V and Optalign IR Computers main board.

This chip that holds the calibration algorithm for the the photocell target that is in the Transducer (AKA Laser) is in the computer! This chip makes the entire targets measuring surface accurate to 1 micron (0.00004”). If you mix the serial numbers by putting an Optalign V and Optalign IR Transducer with a Computer having a different serial number you will not have accurate alignments!

Note: All Rotalign's and later Optalign Plus's etc. have the calibration chip in the Rotalign Receiver and Optalign Plus's etc. Transducer – so this matching is no longer an issue!

Question for you! How long has it been since you had your Laser's Calibration rechecked? The calibration accuracy of the system is normally rechecked every two years as indicated by the colored label on the back of the one head. This is not a law but good practice and one requirement in the ISO 9001 plant certification. The systems are calibrated at the Pruftechnik AG factory in Germany and that is a permanent calibration. In the US contact Ludeca at 305-591-8935 to have the Calibration rechecked.

Have Questions . . . . Call 704-233-9222 or email us.


Rotalign® Pro & Rotalign®


Rotalign® Pro (click)

The Rotalign® Pro, is one of our most popular Rental systems because of its versatility and expandability. Easy, 3 Buttons to do alignment - Dimensions, Measure – rotating as little as 70 degrees starting anywhere and press Results key - that's all - so very simple!

Built-in angle sensor eliminates need for readings at clock positions. Built-in soft foot expertise suggests corrections for soft foot, not just measurements. Thermal growth computation. Machine train alignment of up to 6 machines complete with specified tolerances, targets, names and icons for each machine. User-specific system configuration. Its sensor technology simultaneously measuring and displaying angularity and offset, vertically and horizontally, insures fastest and most accurate machine moves under any working conditions.

Large capacity memory has room for thousands of files plus future application programs. Flash file system allows convenient on-site user upgrading with new features and programs. RS-232 serial and parallel ports for PC communication and printer connection for text or graph reports. Patented single cable technology. Only one sensor to adjust. "ON-SCREEN" user guidance. If your crew doesn't not know how to use a Rotalign® Pro or Rotalign® we can add in on the job site training to the rental cost (Continental U.S.A. only).

Interested in Renting a Rotalign® Pro or Pros?

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smartALIGN® (click)

The smartALIGN® is member of a long list of success stories from the inventor of Laser Shaft Alignment - Prüftechnik AG of Ismaning, Germany!

  • Smart navigation with just a Joystick and two buttons. Easy - very easy!
  • Just enter Dimensions, Measurerotating as little as 60 degrees & select the Results - that's all - so simple!
  • Live move of either machine or move both!
  • Stores 500 alignment records!
  • Water and shock resistant!


smartAlign® Quick Reference - Call 704-233-9222
smartAlign® Quick Reference (click)


Masterlign® & Masterlign® Basic

Masterlign® & Masterlign® Basic
Masterlign® & Masterlign® Basic


The Masterlign® – at one time was the best entry level system! The features that make our lasers so very simple to use. Easy, 3 buttons - Dimensions, Measure (rotating as little as 60 degrees) & press Results key - that's all - so simple! The Masterlign® was replaced by the Optalign® Plus and most recently by the New Aligneo!

Masterlign® Recording Form
Masterlign® Quick Reference - call 704-233-9222
Masterlign® Quick Reference (click)
Mastelign® Basic Recording Form - call 704-233-9222
Mastelign® Basic Recording Form (click


We Stock Really Thick Shims
We Stock Really Thick Shims
Stainless Steel Shim Kits & Packs - website Best Buy  call 704-233-9222!
Stainless Steel Shim Kits & Packs
VCT-5 Compact Chain Tool - Call 704-233-9222
VCT-5 Compact Chain Tool - (click)

Interested in Renting any of the above systems?

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