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EZ Therm Hi-Res (76,800 pixels) Thermal Imager

EZTherm Thermal Imager - call 704-233-9222
EZTherm Thermal Imager 320x240 image sensor (click)
EZTherm Thermal Imager - call 704-233-9222
320x240 image - 76,800 pixels

To get great images - you need a great imager - period! A reasonably priced demo EZTherm thermographic system with uncooled thermal imaging sensor technology. EZTherm is a powerful thermographic camera featuring outstanding image quality, accurate temperature measurement, wide temperature range, up to 500° C, and an integrated visible flash camera. Unlike low cost thermal cameras, the EZTherm incorporates a 320x240 image sensor with 76,800 pixels delivering 4X the image resolution and 4X smaller measurement spot size over the 160x120 resolution systems. EZTherm is easy to operate and features a Hewlett Packard iPAQ PDA with its brilliant color display and touch screen and button interface.

Thermal and visible images recorded in the field are easily transferred to a computer for further analysis and report generation. ReportIR, a Windows application, simplifies report preparation and image analysis. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, you already know how to use ReportIR and if you can use a video camera you already know how to use the EZTherm!

Important: We have only one (1) new EZTherm demo system available (actual picture below) with EZ ReportIR report generation software at a reduced price! Besides the (3) Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries in the carrying case we are including (4) additional new Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries from our inventory. In addition, we are including a new Duracell battery for the Hewlett Packard iPAQ h5150 PDA and an optional PS-EZ (Sony) 110V power supply which permits use the EZTherm, connected to a 110V source, while you are charging the rechargeable batteries or just working with the EZTherm!

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EZ Therm demo system reduced price - call 704-233-9222
EZ Therm demo system reduced price - click to enlarge.
EZ Therm demo system reduced price- call 704-233-9222
EZ Therm demo system reduced price - click to enlarge.
How to Evaluate Thermography Cameras
EZTherm Brochure
EZTherm Report

The EZReportIR Report Generation Software uses Microsoft Word so if you can imagine
your report - you can create exactly what you want!


 EZTherm Thermal Imager demo system - call 704-233-9222
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